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Written by seasoned Joomla experts, Using Joomla takes you step-by-step through building a website in Joomla 3. An amazing collection of useful tips for every stage of the website building process are inside, saving you from potential frustration. If you want a great guide to begin using Joomla, Using Joomla is that guide.

“If you are searching for a definitive guide for Joomla, then look no further. This book covers everything, from core Joomla features and functionality, to advanced topics such as using the latest third-party extensions to solve your real-world problems.”

Andy Miller
Joomla Cofounder & RocketTheme CEO

“Bravo, again! Using Joomla empowers you to create and transform Joomla 3 websites with confidence and skill through the experienced direction of Severdia & Gress.”

Andrew Eddie
Joomla Project, Co-founder and contributor

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